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The activity of any company should comply with the current rules and regulation existing in the activity field. Since it was founded in 2001, our company has been in charge with collecting and capitalizing dangerous and non-dangerous waste.


SC ALOREF SRL performs its activity strictly following the current environment standards based on its environmental authorization nr.86/23.05.2012 (revised on 16.07.2012) granted by the APM

Alba Iulia.


The environmental authorization states that SC ALOREF SRL is forced to follow the following legislation:

OUG 195/2005 concerning environment protection with all the following additions

Law no 211/2011 regarding waste

HG 856/2002 regarding waste management

OUG 196/2005 regarding the environment Fund with all the following additions

HG 235/2007 regarding used oils

HG 1037/2010 regarding electrical and home appliance waste

HG no 1132/2008 regarding  batteries and batteries waste

Order 1399/2032/2009 that approves the procedure for gathering and reporting data regarding batteries and batteries waste

HG no 170/2004 regarding used tires management













In order to fully comply with the above regulation SC ALOREF SRL has Waste Management qualified personnel ( Law 211/25.11.2011). 


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