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The Economical competitivity growth programme (POS CCE) 2007-2013 Priority Axis 1 – An innovative adn ecoefficient production system-Major intervention domain DM1.1-Productive investments and preparation of market competitivity (mainly IMM), Operation a) Support for consolidation and modernisation of the production sector through tangibile and intangible investments

A3- Financial grant up to 1.075.000 ron for IMM-Machinery acquisition as part of the Economical competitivity growth programme co-financed by the European Union called ,, Modernizarea Activitatii in Domeniul Recuperarii Materialelor Reciclabile Sortate'' .

The participation in the Economical competitivity growth programme, Priority axis I, Major intervention domain

D1.1 – Productive investments and preparation for IMM economical competition with the project called ,,Diversificarea activitatilor prin dezvoltarea sectorului de demolare a  constructilor''

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