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Our main activities consist in collecting, sorting and capitalizing ferrous and non ferrous waste.



•    Iron

•    Copper

•    Stainless steel

•    Aluminium

•    Brass

•    Used batteries

•    Electric and electronic waste

•    Plastic. PET, PP, PVC

•    Paper/Cardboard



Sorting done inside our company is done by specialized personnel both visually and with the help of machinery in use to establish the level of impurities in the waste (wood, dirt etc)



Debiting is done in three ways:

•    Mechanical

•    Oxipropan flame

•    Plasma cutting


Storage by type of waste

Storage types is an activity in which wastes are classified according to the quality of the waste:

•   Prepared heavy iron: E1, E3

•   Reusable materials that come from technological processes: E2

•   Reusable materials as bales of new scrap sheets: E6

•   Reusable materials as bales of old scrap sheets: EHRM

•   Reusable materials from turnings: E5M, E5H

•   Copper: Cu-B1, Cu-B2, Cu-B3, Cu-S1, Cu-S2, Cu-S3

•   Aluminium: Al-B1, Al-B2, Al-B3, Al-B4, Al-B5, Al-B6

•   Lead: Pb-B1, Pb-B2, Pb-B3

•   Brass: CuZn-B1, CuZn-B2, CuZn-B3

•   Zinc: Bn-B1, Zn-B2, Zn-B3

•   Bronze: CuSt-B1, CuSt-B2, CuSn-B3



Loading is done using the following machinery:

•    Grapple

•    Ifron

•    Forklift

•    Mobile Crane


Waste Transportation

Our company has a fleet consisting of flip trucks, hidraulic hook trucks and hidraulic hook and grapple trucks which are used both in waste collection and in waste transportation to the mills where they will be capitalised.


Quality certificate emission and radioactive monitoring

of waste

We are in charge with quality certificate emission for ferrous (CONF. SR 6058-1/99) and non ferrous (CONF. SR 3017-78) waste needed for the delivery of processed waste towards our clients.


Radiactive monitoring documents emission by specialised personnel according to order no 117 from 19.05.2010  (radioactive documents emission certificate).




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